Real Estate Professionals

Real Estate Professionals

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Today’s market represents a whole new way of selling homes. Buyers are more choosy, and more careful, about leaping into the world of home ownership. That is why real estate professionals love working with Chesapeake Homes on behalf of their clients.

Our on site sales managers and community representatives are thoroughly knowledgeable about what a buyer wants and demands in a home today. Most buyers have concerns when purchasing a home, and we’re ready to show them that choosing Chesapeake Homes is the smartest choice to be made! Our onsite representatives are armed with more than enough knowledge about our products, the surrounding markets, and even the best financing options available.

Join Our Club Today!

Select a state and become an ARC Member for bonuses, privileges, and special events when you sell our homes! Select a state, fill out your information, and become an ARC Member! As a member you will receive continuous bonuses, exclusive privileges, and attend special events when you sell one of our homes at any community!

Becoming an ARC Member
has its rewards.

Being a member of the Chesapeake Homes Agent Rewards Club offers you privileges, special surprises and cash bonuses just for visiting or selling a home at one of our communities! Join today, and when you sell two of our homes at any one of our communities, you’ll receive a cash bonus from $1,000 up to $2,500 with each additional sale you make! You will also receive exclusive invitations to special events, parties, showings and celebrations, just for being a member!

To begin enjoying these benefits, you must register, so click the link to the right, and sign up today! It’s so simple and the rewards are simply awesome… So… what are you waiting for? JOIN TODAY!

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